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HEAR – focus on bereavement

HEAR BereavementThe purpose of HEAR is to provide specialised information to health professionals, patients and the public about key health topics. Each issue is the result of the collaborative effort of librarians from health organisations across Ireland.

This month, the focus is on Bereavement. As the only certainly we have in life is our own mortality, bereavement is an issue that affects every single one of us at some point in our lives.

Inside this issue:

  •  80 people die in Ireland every day.
  •  Approximately, 30,000 people die every year
  •  At any one time, one in 10 people are likely to be affected (McGuinness, 2007).
  •  53% or Irish people have experienced the death of someone close to them in the last two years.
  •  Research by the ESRI (Growing up in Ireland) demonstrates that 2.2% of nine year olds have lost a parent, 1.1% a sibling, 7% an aunt or uncle and 28% a grandparent.

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HEAR – focus on homelessness

HEAR (Health Evidence Awareness Report). volume 4, issue 1. Focus on homelessness. March 2018.  HEAR homelessness

The purpose of HEAR is to provide specially selected information to patients, the public and to health professionals about key health topics. Each issue is the result of the collaborative effort of librarians from health organisations across Ireland.

Homelessness is an increasingly common phenomena in Irish society at present. Individuals who are homeless face a myriad of challenges in accessing health care services. Additionally, they tend to make more frequent use of emergency departments, to have mental or physical health problems and to have different priorities in terms of their health.

This issue of HEAR is available through the LENUS repository

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HEAR bulletin: Focus on medical resources. 2(4), August 2016

This is a new look HEAR Bulletin for August 2016. It should be of interest to you and your colleagues as it focuses on Online Medical Resources for all.  HEAR stands for Health Evidence Awareness Report and is a collaboration between librarians from a variety of Irish health organisations. This HEAR bulletin is our 10th and we are now in our second year providing both specialised information to health professionals and quality resources to health consumers on specific health topics.

This issue focuses on quality online medical resources, including Irish and international websites, guidelines and standards, blogs and podcasts as well as search tips on how to find reliable health & medical information and how to evaluate what you do find.   It’s a useful starting point for anyone new to researching in the health sciences or it can be used as a reference & refresher tool for the more experienced user. Included also are quality resources for patients and non-health professionals on a variety of health topics. Where possible, we include links to freely available resources.

Find this issue of HEAR on LENUS: The Irish Health Repository courtesy of the HSE Library, Dr. Steevens Hospital at http://www.lenus.ie/hse/handle/10147/619211 All previous issues of HEAR can also be found on LENUS at http://tinyurl.com/z7m8ovt

Please share and circulate these HEAR links and feel free to tweet using #HEARbulletin. We welcome all feedback.

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New issue of HINT now available

The summer issue of HINT is now available. In this issue are reports from a range of conferences and seminars such as:

  • HSLG 2016 conference by Jane Burns, Geraldine Walsh, Anne O’Byrne  and Grace Hillis
  • EAHIL 2016 in Saville by Aoife Lawton
  • EvidenceLive from Oxford by Anne Madden
  • Library as Place; Place as Library by Grace Hillis

We also have a report on HSLG activities during the last year from the Chair, Michael Doheny, a poster on the HEAR Newsletter by Caroline Rowan, a book review on altmetrics by Michelle Dalton and a Day in the Life by Bennery Rickard.

So much to get through and you can get your hands on it here.