Health Evidence Awareness Report (HEAR) is produced by members of the HSLG. It provides specialised information to health professionals, patients and the public about key health topics.  Below you will find links to all back issues.

HEAR 3(6) Autism Spectrum Disorder
HEAR 3(5) Lung Cancer
HEAR 3(4) Delirium
HEAR 3(3) Health Literacy

HEAR 3(2) Stroke

HEAR 3(1) Obesity


HEAR 2 (6) Dyslexia

HEAR 2 (5) Diabetes

HEAR 2(4) Focus on Medical Resources

HEAR 2(3) Skin Cancer

HEAR 2(2) Palliative Care

HEAR 2(1) Physical Activity and Healthy Eating


HEAR 1(6) Prostate Cancer

HEAR 1(5) Breast Cancer

HEAR 1(4) HEART Health

HEAR 1(3) Mental Health

HEAR 1(2) Bowel Cancer

HEAR 1(1) Ovarian Cancer